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Understanding The Importance Of Adequate Sub Floor Ventilation - Newcastle & The Hunter Region

Did you know that many older homes in Newcastle & The Hunter region have problems with poor sub floor ventilation? When sub floor ventilation issues are left untreated for long periods of time, the occupants of the home can experience chronic respiratory health problems such as asthma and a range of other allergy type symptoms, such as headaches, runny nose and sinus. 

These symptoms may be caused by black mould developing under the floor area of their home.

What causes mould problems in sub floor areas of your home?

Mould growth in homes is generally caused by damp conditions and a lack of adequate air flow.   The best way to treat sub floor ventilation problems, is to install a reliable ventilation system comprising of a series of air vents and fans. An increase in air movement under your home will help the area stay dry and well ventilated all year round.

Poor sub floor ventilation can occur due to a number of factors.  The main reason is generally insufficient air flow.  Many older homes have small air breather holes in brickwork, however even in dry weather these air holes are not large enough to adequately dry out the sub floor area. Other environmental factors can include sub terrain water and inadequate drainage surrounding the property. Original homes that were constructed in inner city suburban areas such as Adamstown, New Lambton, Charlestown, Hamilton, Mayfield, Merewether, Wallsend, Belmont and Cardiff could greatly benefit if a sub floor ventilation system is installed.

If you notice a musty smell coming from your carpet or floors, or if you see mould growth inside your home, it could be relating to moisture and damp issues in your sub floor area.

When we conduct termite inspections for clients, mould is often visible on exposed floor joists in sub floor areas of older homes. You can generally see mould if carpets and flooring are lifted in the affected areas, but be mindful that black mould can be toxic, so you should always wear a mask and gloves and if in doubt just call a professional.


Well established Maitland suburbs such as East Maitland, Lorn, Bolwarra, Telarah and Rutherford also experience sub floor damp issues due to the age of the homes in the area and the construction methods that were used during that era.

Other contributing factors, may include a lack of natural sunlight around the perimeter of the building due to overshadowing from neighbouring homes or from trees on the property.

Termites and sub floor areas – why you should consider installing a sub floor ventilation system at your home?

Given termites are attracted to dark, damp areas such as these sub floor areas, it makes sense to install a good ventilation solution to improve moisture issues to deter termites.

Perimeter Pest Control are trained termite treatment specialists, if you are concerned about any potential termite activity in and around your home, we can conduct a termite inspection for you. We also offer installation of new termite barrier systems for older style homes throughout Newcastle and the Hunter region.

What’s the best sub floor home ventilation system for older homes?

We consider Envirofan to be one of the best ventilation systems on the market, which is why we only use their products on our sub floor ventilation jobs to ensure that home owners get great results.

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