Black House Ants

Black House Ants can be a nuisance, and even more so at the moment due to weather conditions.

Black House Ants will enter/invade homes searching for food and water. They are attracted to sweet foods but will eat insects, vegetation and small seeds.

Black House Ants tend to nest under rocks and logs, most commonly out in the garden. They grow to approx 2.5-3mm in length and can be aggressive to other species of ants.

Treatment of Black House Ants

Most items purchased at the Supermarket will not eradicate ants.

When trying to eradicate Black House Ants or any ant species it’s not just about applying as much chemical or product that you can.

It’s about identifying the species, locating active ant trails, locating nests, selecting the right products to use and then applying those products in a way that the ants will take the applied products back to the nest, transfer the product through feeding and grooming effectively eradicating the nest.

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