Protecting Newcastle properties from burrowing; biting ants

Green headed ant

Nasty fangs of the Green Headed ant

Ants are one of the most common pests to infest buildings and homes. Like termites, ants live in colonies. In each colony, there is a queen ant which produces eggs and populates the colony, male worker ants and sterile female worker ants. The worker ants forgave for food and are commonly seen in the home and garden.

Around Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter regions the three common types of ant are the black house ant, coastal brown ant and green headed ant.

Perimeter Pest is expert in exterminating them all.


Black House Ant

Black house ants (Ochetellus glaber) are dark brown/black in colour and around 2.5-3 mm in length. They tend to build their nests in cracks, crevices and gaps in buildings and along pathways. They can also nest in walls and roofs.

Black house ants generally enter the home to forage for food. They like sugary liquids and will scavenge around kitchens, through garbage and through animal faeces. While these ants are more a nuisance than a destructive pest, they can contaminate food with faeces and ‘rubbish’ they have collected.


Coastal Brown Ant

Coastal brown ants (Pheidole megacephala) are golden-brown/brownish in colour and around 1.5-2.5mm in length. Worker coastal brown ants have a large head, disproportionate to the rest of their body.

They build their nests in the ground, along pathways and in walls. Coastal brown ants’ nests are generally much larger than other ant species. This means that large amounts of displaced soil can lead to lawn and turf problems. If left untreated these ants may excavate so extensively that brick paving becomes un-stable. Roots of plants and lawn can become too aerated from soil excavation that the plants show signs of water stress.

Homeowners are often annoyed by these ‘dirt piles’ and by ants foraging in bathrooms, kitchens, around doors, and windows, as well as on exterior paved or brick walkways or driveways.


Green Headed Ant

Green headed ants (Rhytidoponera metallica) are typically 5-6mm in length and are a dark metallic green-blue in colour. They nest in small colonies in lawns or under rocks and logs and usually don’t enter the home. Green headed ants forage for oils and proteins and prey on other small insects. They also like sweet, sugary liquids.

The green-headed ant is a particular nuisance for suburban homes in the Newcastle region. They build their nests underground beneath most types of grasses and often go unnoticed until someone, or sometimes some animal, is bitten.

The actual ant's bite itself is often unnoticeable, however the venom that the ant injects causes a sharp burning sensation that can last for hours. The venom is generally harmless but if a large number of stings are received at once the overwhelming amount of venom injected into the body can make a child physically ill.

To exterminate ants from Newcastle properties Perimeter Pest conducts a thorough search of to identify the type of ant and where their colony is.

They then use environmentally and family friendly treatments that target just that particular species; and get rid of them.

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