Finding and exterminating German cockroaches from Newcastle homes

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German Cockroach

German cockroaches - 1 becomes 5 becomes 200 in less than 1 month

The German cockroach is the most common type of cockroach in Newcastle homes. They are also the most difficult ones to get rid of.

German cockroaches are very sensitive to cold and love areas with high temperatures and high humidity. They love kitchens and can live in kettles, range-hoods, dishwashers, back of fridges, ovens and any little crack or crevice. They also love your bathroom.

They reproduce rapidly and infestations quickly become severe. German cockroaches are also difficult to remove from the home because they are able to squeeze into small cracks and cervices and hide really well.

Proper pest control treatment is needed to eradicate them as they can detect many of the commercially available sprays and insecticides, which in turn, can push them further into hiding.

The biggest problem though is that that they have adapted to resist many chemical pesticides and you need highly targeted treatments only available to qualified and professional pest control technicians.

At Perimeter Pest Control we use a combination of treatments including a surface spray that the cockroach cannot detect. Once the cockroach walks over the area it becomes infected and dies. As German cockroaches are cannibals, the infected dead cockroach will further infect others as they eat its remains.

To exterminate German Cockroaches Perimeter Pest conducts a very thorough search of the infested area to identify all the nooks and crannies they could be hiding in. We then use highly specialised treatments to exterminate them all.

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*In most English-speaking countries it is known as the ‘German cockroach’ however, in Germany it is known as the ‘Russian cockroach’.