"good blokes, honest, helpful, friendly… oh, and they do a great job"

This is typical feedback about Daniel and Shane, the two directors of Perimeter Pest, from their many happy customers.

What brought them together was:

  • A love of the outdoors 
  • A strong work ethic instilled in them by their fathers: 
    • Your customers are what makes your business – look after them. 
    • Do the job right first time …. and if there are any issues, go back and fix them.
    • Just roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.
    • It never hurts to be friendly. 
  • A passion for their industry – helping people out and killing bugs. 

It has helped their business flourish since. And, it's what they promise to you.


Shane Turner

Pest Management Technician

Fully licensed for both General & Timber Pests:
License no. 102430.
GreenZone Installer License Number:

The youngest of 7 children, I was brought up in a close knit family where helping out was important.

I loved helping my Dad. I would get off the bus after school and go into his workshop, sweep the floors, empty the bins and do whatever I could to help out. With 9 people to feed, he worked hard. He had a simple motto:

"Take care of your customers and let them help grow your business"

It worked. 

As for pest control, I love that too. Termites in particular! 

It’s like being a detective. I spend a lot of time reading up and learning about the most effective ways of dealing with them.
Each property is different, and every different type of termite has its own distinct habits. It’s a question of hunting them down, trapping them – and then eradicating them.

It’s really satisfying to protect someone’s home, making it safe from being eaten away.

NSW Police Checked.


Daniel Gaff

Pest Management Technician

Fully licensed for both General & Timber Pests:
License no. 5075721.
The HouseSafe Foundation & HouseSafe Training Academy
Certificate Number 088

A happy childhood growing up around Tanilba Bay was spent on the water in my tinny, camping on Snapper Island with mates and riding dirt bikes in the bush.

I loved the outdoors. School, not so much. I also loved helping my Dad out with his business.

Dad was a builder carpenter and he worked hard; often six days a week. He built our home and always made sure we didn’t go without. He’s the one that taught me about the value of hard work, looking after your customers and doing right by them.

As for me, I love meeting new people and telling them about my passion – understanding and killing bugs! – and helping people with their problems.

My secret tip: "to catch a bug you need to think like a bug – where they hide, what they eat, where they nest." Weird but fun.

NSW Police Checked.


Respectful and informative
From my wife's perspective, as a woman, they were very respectful and informative. They fill her in on everything and don’t treat her like "well you’re just a woman, who cares, and ring me". They leave her with all the information verbally and she tells me when I come home from work. It’s a major plus.

Passionate about killing bugs
The other people were just routine and going through the motions. They were not passionate about the job (like Daniel is) He loves killing bugs.

He’s like a family member you know and love
He was wonderful. He's got a pleasant manner, very easy to contact and fits in with you... when he gets here, he's like a family member you know and love?

Open & honest
He’s always been open and honest and we trust him. What you see is what you get. You can tell just by speaking to him that he was an honest fella. So I decided to ask him to do it then and there. I didn’t even know the price yet.