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Spider Pest Control Sprays Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens

Few pests around the home conjure up as much anxiety or fear as does a spider, big or small. Certain species of spiders can be harmful to us including children and pets while other species can be quiet beneficial around the house and garden.

1021121077 hugeThe habits of spiders can vary according to the species. Some spiders like warm, secluded, small places such as in cracks, air vents, cupboards etc. Others prefer an outdoor habitat and will spin their webs in your garden on the branches of plants and trees or under the eaves of a house and perhaps under the roof of a pergola.  Other still may live in burrows underground but generally, if there is a plentiful supply of insects, one will find spiders.

Spiders tend to be more active in the Autumn months when they will enter your home not just to seek warmth during the winter, but also to seek a mate and lay eggs. During winter some spiders will die off but as the warmer weather arrives, they will disperse and the new population will become more active.

Spider eggs themselves are laid into a silken sac with each sac containing 50 – 100 eggs and these sacs can quite often be seen clustered and attached to a surface and are an indication of spider activity in that area.

Spiders generally tend to be non-aggressive towards humans and will retreat to cover when disturbed however if bitten by a spider, the resultant effect can vary from mild irritation to death and so, particularly if young children are present, it’s wise to have a spider control process in place.

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Common species of Spiders found around Newcastle

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Redback Spiders

  • A very common spider seen in Newcastle is the red back spider, they like to live in built up residential areas
  • Seems to enjoy cohabiting with humans
  • Reside in dry, dark areas such as under flower pots, roof eaves, shelves, fences,  and garden sheds
  • Male Redbacks are small and fangs cannot penetrate human skin
  • Webs are very messy as the webbing of the Redback is very sticky catching grass, leaves etc.
  • Female Redbacks are the most dangerous and denoted by a black pea shaped body with a distinctive red / orange marking on her back
  • Generally considered a timid spider that will only bite if attacked or disturbed
  • The bite from a female can be painful immediately and the venom can work very slowly resulting in headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, fever, hypertension and in very severe cases paralysis
  • Redback spider bites are the most common source of spider bites in Australia, particularly over the summer months
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Sydney Funnel Web Spider

  • Found along the eastern coastal areas of NSW
  • Size: 25 to 35mm in body length
  • Colour: Shiny black with a covering of reddish hairs
  • Ground dwelling spider, burrows are found in gardens and lawn area
  • Funnel webs can also be found in pools (can survive for several days), shoes and clothing in and around the home
  • Heavy rain will drive funnel webs out of their burrows, males will leave their burrow during the warmer months in search of a mate
  • Extremely aggressive and highly venomous

Black House Spider

  • Dark brown to grey black in colour
  • Common around homes where its pins its webs on windows, down pipes, gutters and window frames and even the external mirrors of the family car
  • Webs tend to be messy and zigzag threaded with one or two funnel shaped entrances leading to a tubular retreat and this causes people to mistakenly think it is a Funnel Web spider
  • A fairly timid spider whose bite can penetrate human skin but is generally not considered harmful and can cause localised pain

Wolf Spider

  • Found all around Australia and Newcastle
  • Size: 15 to 30mm in length
  • Colour: Grey to brown
  • Ground dwelling spider that burrows with a silk like entry
  • Found around most homes in the lawn and gardens
  • Painful bite that will require medical aid

Garden Orb-Weaving Spider

  • Very common in gardens and bushland in Newcastle
  • Size: 15 to 30mm in length
  • Colour: Colourful to grey and brown
  • Orb has a bulbous abdomen with fine hairs
  • Will form their webs between trees or from a gutter to a tree
  • Garden Orb-Weaving spiders seldom bite and are non toxic. They are quite beneficial to our environment

St Andrews Cross Spider

  • Found in areas very similar to Garden Orb- Weaving spiders
  • Size: 5 to 15mm
  • Colour: abdomen is yellow and brown
  • Will form a web from tree to tree or a gutter to a tree
  • Webs have an illustration of a cross in the middle of their web
  • St Andrews Cross spiders seldom bite and are non toxic.  They are quite beneficial to our environment

White Tail Spider

  • A very common spider across Newcastle & Australia
  • Approximately 12 – 18mm in length
  • Don’t build webs but tend to be vagrant hunters and will eat other spiders
  • Grey to black body with a cylindrical abdomen having a white patch at its tip
  • Can be seen commonly inside homes residing on curtains, near furniture and even sitting brazenly on a wall. Cooler months may see them outdoors where they will reside under piles of wood and other areas around the home
  • A White Tailed Spider’s bite can initially cause some localised pain followed by swelling and itchiness at the site. Sensational media reporting has probably given this spider a reputation it doesn’t deserve and quite often its bite can go undetected

Huntsman Spider

  • A large hairy spider with a flattened body which can grow up to 15cm
  • Colour: Grey to brown
  • Rear legs are shorter than the front ones allowing them to scuttle sideways if necessary
  • Can reside outdoors or indoors where it’s sudden appearance from behind a curtain or piece of furniture can cause consternation to humans
  • An agile spider that doesn’t spin a web and have keen eyesight for hunting their prey of smaller insects
  • A timid spider and one that will run away from humans
  • Although they can bite human flesh, this bite is not dangerous and whilst it may cause a little short term localised pain, the Huntsman Spider is considered completely harmless to humans

Spider control spray and treatments

Spider control sprays are an important part of keeping our children and pets safe around our homes, Perimeter Pest Control offer safe and effective spray treatments that are long lasting and once dry are safe for both humans and pets alike. Contact us today to book your spider spray appointment

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